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Event Info

January 20, 2020

It was a full house for the first-ever Parker Thompson Speeders Challenge Event, with motorsports drivers from a variety of disciplines arriving to compete with Parker on a custom Speeders racecourse.



05:30 PM – Welcome

06:00 PM – Driver’s Meeting

07:00 PM – Qualifying Rounds

08:00 PM – Heat Races

09:00 PM – Final Rounds

10:00 PM – Celebrations

Parker Thompson Speeders Challenge Event #1 Racecourse


Effective 01/23/2020 16:19 AM MTN

Each Challenge event consists of three stints on track. The first two stints will be conducted in four randomly assigned heats.


1. Qualifying

The participant’s best single lap time will be used to set the start order for Heat Races.


2. Heat Races

Individual heats will conduct a single race for position with a rolling start. The top three finishers from each heat will advance to FINAL A. Remaining racers will be seeded to FINAL B, FINAL C, and a consolation round (FINAL D) based on their average heat race lap times.


3. Final Rounds

Groups A, B, C and D will race for position with a roll start order determined by best lap times in the preceding Heat Race.


1 PT will be awarded for the top time in qualifying heats (pole-position).

10 PTS will be awarded to participants who qualify for FINAL A.

In FINAL A, B & C points will be awarded based on finishing position. Entrants in FINAL D will earn no points.

1st Place – 30 PTS
2nd Place – 25 PTS
3rd Place – 22 PTS
4th Place – 19 PTS
5th Place – 17 PTS
6th Place – 15 PTS
7th Place – 14 PTS
8th Place – 13 PTS
9th Place – 12 PTS
10th Place – 11 PTS


In all three sessions, penalties will be assessed for at-fault incidents of contact as determined by a panel of SPEEDERS officials.