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Come to Speeders Indoor Pro Karts Calgary location and challenge Parker on Canada’s fastest indoor kart track! After our 2020 Speeders Challenge Series was cancelled due to COVID-19, we’re excited to be back at Speeders for a special holiday event on January 3rd, 2022.

Participants will enjoy great racing, snacks, and beverages. Winning racers will go wheel-to-wheel with Parker, and have a shot at the title of Speeders Fastest, and a unique grand prize package.



To begin the evening, participants will be randomly divided into heats. Individual heats will participate in a qualifying round, and their best times will be used to set the grid order (fastest to slowest) for Heat Races.


Each heat will participate in one race for position with the start order set by qualifying times. The top three finishers will advance to FINAL A. Remaining finishers will be placed in FINAL B, FINAL C and FINAL D based on average lap times.


Participants from all heats will come together to form groups for the FINAL ROUND where championship points will be awarded. The top three finishers from each Heat will qualify for FINAL A.

Points in FINALS A, B AND C will be awarded as follows:

1st Place – 30 PTS
2nd Place – 25 PTS
3rd Place – 22 PTS
4th Place – 19 PTS
5th Place – 17 PTS
6th Place – 15 PTS
7th Place – 14 PTS
8th Place – 13 PTS
9th Place – 12 PTS
10th Place – 11 PTS

Heat Race Pole Position – 1 PTS
FINAL A Qualification – 10 PTS

Penalties will be assessed for at-fault incidents of contact.

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Taking place on January 3rd, 2022, this event offers a unique opportunity to experience Speeders 20HP electric karts alongside one of Canada’s top racing drivers. Limited spots available.

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